Kali Miller hasn’t even given birth to her first baby when doctor-husband Matt ‘helpfully’ hires a live-in nanny. Britta is svelte, blonde and Swedish enough to make any new mother insecure, especially one who looks and feels as ginormous post-delivery as she did before baby Harry was born. But a nanny means Kali can go back to work at her law firm where she is desperate to make partner; the Millers’ house will be cleaned, their meals healthy and fresh and little Harry safe and happy with a loving caregiver. But Britta’s idea of cooking is fiskpinnar in the microwave; she leaves messy blonde hairballs between the sofa cushions and has whispered conversations with Matt, with whom she has some sort of mysterious past. Exhausted, confused and paranoid—with a disgruntled client out to get her for a deal gone bad, and her law partners viewing her more as a liability than partnership material—Kali is determined to find out: just who is this Britta Edvardsson? And what does she want with Matthew Miller… and little baby Harry?