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Maybe you’re not even sure you have trademarks you can register and claim for your own exclusive use. Let me help you find out. Have you got a great unique business name for your company and the services or products you market locally or to the entire world? Do you have the best top level domain name to market your goods… and services? You have invested a lot of time, thought and money in developing and promoting your brand, but are you absolutely sure you are entitled to it? And that no one else is? If you are entitled to it (and I can let you know with a legal search and opinion, on a 1-3 day turnaround) you would be very smart to register it, either State, Federally, Internationally or all of the above.


At Mulholland Law, I recognize that personal branding and innovation comprise your unique competitive edge – and that it needs legal protection. As an intellectual property lawyer with more than two decades of experience, I provide regional, national, and international legal services in trademarks, copyrights, licensing, domain names and alternative dispute resolution.

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