Three women lawyers—partners in mid-career at the same small firm—have very different takes on work verses personal life. There’s Kali, married and the mother of two—like a train running on multiple tracks, she juggles family, marriage, home and career. There’s Jada—a powerful, sexy, single Black woman, embroiled in a workplace romance that’s ending badly. And then there’s single mom, Gillian, doing creative writing in any scrap of time she can find and dreaming about quitting law and living the life of an artist, once her troubled daughter gets her life on track. But when a horrible tragedy shatters the firm, the women must put aside their differences and pull together to pick up the pieces. As they do, they discover some strange and startling truths about each other, and even more, about the men they’ve been partners with for so long. In an effort to right the sinking ship of their law firm, Kali throws a lingerie shower for the Latina law student engaged to marry a senior partner, unaware of the minefield of social etiquette she’ll have to navigate. The tea party shower doesn’t quite go off quite as planned, but it does go off—with both dramatic and hilarious consequences.